CHEKSPEC Home Inspections,  founded by Frankie Shiu, is a Vancouver-based licensed and certified home inspection company serving prospective home buyers and sellers.  We are highly trained and educated in BCIT, and with experience within the construction industry.  We also continually upgrade ourselves by attending courses and seminars to keep up with the building technology.  Our home inspections meet and, in many cases, exceed BC provincial and industry standards to ensure you have all the information you need to make the right decision about your investment.
Our Services Including: 
  • Pre-purchase home inspections
  • Pre-listing home inspections
  • Homeowners pre-sale inspections
  • Homeowners maintenance inspections  

    We will inspect houses, townhomes, multi-unit, and condos.

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    Welcome to CHEKSPEC Home Inspections
    Member of ASTTBC Property Inspertors.
                  BPCPA Licence # 61362
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    What is a comprehensive home inspection ?
    A home inspection is an impartial objective assessment of the internal systems and structure of a home, with particular attention to any safety concerns for you and your family. Our home inspectors provide you with comprehensive, factual information to help you make a well-informed, confident decision about the house. We encourage you to attend the inspection and ask any questions that may come to your mind.  Most home inspections will take on average between 3-6 hours to complete.